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10 egg yolks

500gr mascarpone

800ml fresh cream

1290gr sugar

1-2 soup spoons amaretto liqueur

1 fresh vanilla bean stalk

Biscuit layer

Coffee liqueur

Savouayiard biscuits

100ml fresh brewed coffee

200gr grated dark chocolate



Lightly blend fresh cream and mascarpone cheese in a mixer until it begins to thicken and then refrigerate. Wisk the eggs yolks with the sugar and vanilla, while continuously adding amaretto liqueur until it becomes frothy. Remove from mixer and combine the two mixtures in a bowl, stirring lightly.

Mix the coffee with the coffee liqueur. Place the biscuits in small cups and moisten with the coffee mixture. Cover with the chocolate and cream mixture. Garnish with cocoa and different forest fruits and serve. (It is recommended to serve the Tiramisu the next day; keeping it refrigerated for one day gives time for the taste and aroma to be released).