Certified Feng Shui specialist, astrologist and life-coach.


How do you apply Feng Shui in your work? Do you consult interior designers?

Zoi Mpichtas: I start by looking who my client is from a personality point of view. I dig first in their astrology charts to find out what their personal favorable and unfavorable elements are and then we start looking at the Feng Shui of their home or business.  Astrology comes first. As my clients want to see quick and accurate results, this is the way I work.

Yes, I do consult designers on their designs.  To achieve good results, it is even recommended to start from the design stage.

If you are trying to explain the principles of Feng Shui in a very simple way – to someone who knows little about it! – how do you sum it up?

Z.M.: My baseline is: “Live life to its fullest potential”.  Feng Shui is all about energy. Discover the potential of your home and let your home work for you. You can describe it as using a technique to discover the potential of your home.  Find out which rooms supports you and which don’t.

Can you run me through the colour theories and how you put it into practice in one of your projects?

Z.M.: There are 5 elements in Chinese metaphysics.  These are wood, metal, earth, water en fire.  Depending on your personal favorable element we use the colors.

For example: if you favor fire, we go for red, purple and orange colors in your interior.

If you favor water, then we go for black and dark blue colours.

When wood is your favorable element then we make use of greenish colours, rugs and wooden objects. Metal represents white, silver, gold, light gray and all pastel colours. Earth colors are yellow en brown.

What are the importances of other elements, such as light?

Z.M.: Light is very important but also darkness.  There must be a balance between both of them. A home with a lot of light is considered as too yang.  For example. A bedroom with too much light, will influence the quality of your sleep.  A bedroom should not have too much light. Feng Shui is all about yin & yang, finding the right balance and using the right rooms.

Why is it important to you and what are benefits in terms of well-being generally?

Z.M.: From personal experience this science became very important to me.  Years ago I had no idea what impact the environment and a home can have.  I’ve chosen to make it my mission in life to bring awareness about our environment and home. I’ve seen what an unbalanced home can do to you in terms of well-being, especially health.  One’s physical health is a part of their environment. So if one’ environment or space is not healthy, the individual is not healthy.

Do you view it as a concept for life – e.g. does it / can it feed your work as a life coach?

Z.M.: I would say it is a way of living.  When you put yourself as an individual on the first place “balancing yourself first” and then your home, you will notice that the rest follows very easily.  This is more than a concept.

Does it feeds me?  O yes! The energy and the satisfaction of helping others make me feel very blessed to discover this ancient science.

How do you suggest starting the process of assembling a room around the principles of Feng Shui – perhaps you could use one of your case studies to explain?

Z.M.: Well, first we look at the analysis and from there we start assembling the room.  It is important to know for which purpose the room will be used.  There are many ways to look at a room.  We cannot look only at one thing.  It is a collection of information, a collection of all things.  I have to say though that we are talking here about classical feng shui not new age.

If there is one room or location that we should all sort to help our lives, which one would you suggest?

Z.M.: That would be the front door.  That is where energy enters.  The front door is also the most important factors of a home.  Followed by the kitchen and bedroom.  Make sure the front door and the entrance hall are clean, bright and inviting. You can understand it if you think of having the garbage and recycling bins outside your door and a pile of shoes and newspapers on the inside. What energy passes through, it collects and becomes.

You have worked for very varied clients from Zaha Hadid and Anouska Hempel to Gert Voorjans all of whom have totally different styles – do you still take the same approach to each of them? How does the collaboration work?

Z.M.: The approach stays the same.  It is a technique after all.  I always respect the style and taste of my clients. I want to serve a wide range of people. Feng Shui is for everyone. For Zaha Hadid we overviewed the environment and the floor plans for a residential building of 40.000m2.

As for the interior designers, we look how we can optimize the internal layout to receive the best energy.  Where to place the living space, kitchen, bedroom, study room, …

When the layout cannot be changed than we advise them in terms of colors and materials to use depending on the needs of the client. The client comes always first. Who is he?  What does he wants?

Is your own home completely designed around the principles of Feng Shui?

Z.M.: I’ve chosen my home by the principles.  My home supports my endeavors of life.  But it wasn’t always like that.  Last years I’ve sold my previous home because it was not supporting me. There are plans to design my new home regarding my own personal elements.  I want to build from scratch by the principles.  Actually, it all starts with the land selection.  At this point, I’m looking for a suitable piece of land which receives prosperous energy.

How does it make you feel to be in a space that is imbalanced?

Z.M.: It makes me feel uncomfortable and uneasy.

Can you tell when interiors are a bit off from seeing them in magazines, on pinterest etc. – do you ever look and think “this could be improved by x, y and z”?

Z.M.: I will have a first impression about the energy but to be accurate I need to make a full analysis.  I want to start right away to bring balance when I see an off design! I cannot look in a normal way to a home or business anymore.

I’m seeing it always trough “feng shui eyes”.  There is no way back.

Are people ever cynical about Feng Shui at the start of a project?

Z.M.: Yes, they are.  Understandable.  I was like them too until I had my own experiences in my previous home. Now I am convinced that there is some kind of invisible energy that drains, energizes or controls us.  Your environment does have an influence on your life. Of that I’m sure.

First they are cynical but after feng shui’ing their home, their convinced.

You are from Belgium. What was the reason of your moving to Cyprus in 2013?

Z.M.: My parents are Greek and I wanted to go back to roots. Besides, we constantly expand our business end Middle East and Russian markets are becoming very important to us. That’s why Cyprus is a perfect place.

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