Voile Blanche| SS 2020 press campaign | Sui Lee and Roberta Roveggio

Sui Lee and Roberta Roveggio work in the field of communications, both having had several work experiences abroad. Together they have started a business whose depth and breadth is truly international. For them, elegance is style without prevarication.

The “Voile Blanche People” SS 2020 campaign is a long-term storyline with contemporary appeal, which continues the journey started several years ago by the brand, with the aim of sharing the everyday life of the people who wear Voile Blanche shoes and creating a community made up of people from different worlds and backgrounds.
The project views brand enthusiasts as ambassadors, people who follow their interests and live every day to achieve their dreams through versatility, eclecticism and style choices.
All with an authentic personality and a special story to tell.

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