“Underneath it all” Model Anastasia Stacie Vanelli – Exclusive Interview

Model Anastasia Stacie Vanelli couldn’t look more striking than she already does, able to pull of her raven dark hair in an outstanding way, Hot and Vampy!. She modelled for our shoot for the March 2013 Issue of Moisotrov accenting her contrastingly green eyes from any green eyes I’ ve ever seen, the “thinking beauty” Anastasia also a freelance Make – Up Artist. Maintaining her sartorial elegance personified in LUXE as seen in her spring looks also from our “Black & White” themed shoot in March, Anastasia Stacie Vanelli gave us the chance to interview her to learn a little bit of what’s “Underneath it all”:


Name: Anastasia Vanelli

Age: 25

Nationality: Cypriot (half Russian )

HomeTown: Limassol

Agency: ModelPro


SJ: Firstly your name Anastasia Stacie Vanelli! If you had to choose, which of these names would you use as your main “stage name”?

A.S.V: Well Stacie is a short for Anastasia so I guess I would choose Stacie as it’s shorter.

SJ: So Stacie how did you get into modelling was it always your first priority to go into?

A.S.V: Modelling was my last priority, and maybe something I never thought it would ever be a part of my life. I was too shy growing up and hated being in front of the camera. I had been scouted in London a few times but was never interested.  My first degree was in photography one of my class mates persuaded me and pushed me into to the modelling world and I cannot be more grateful now.

SJ: Scouted a number of times! In London! And said No! I too am also very grateful for your friend who persuaded you into modelling, thank you Stacie’s friend, please tell her that!  How many years have you been modelling for until now, do you still see yourself modelling 5years on in the future?

A.S.V: I’ve been doing it since I was 20 on and off with breaks to study make up. 5 years from now yea I would hope so as long as I do enjoy doing it then yes.

SJ: Oh I think people will definitely make sure you stay happy they would be stupid to lose you, this also stands for guys, or if you have a boyfriend then him as well. Tell me who are some of your favourite Designers?

A.S.V: Alexander McQueen I love his dark designs and John Galliano

SJ: You have also modelled for us Moiostrov for our S/S 13  Black and White fashion editorial in our March 2013 Issue, can you describe the feeling you get every time you see yourself in a magazine?

A.S.V: When I see myself in a magazine I don’t see myself I see I character and I judge if I have managed to pull it off and gave the character kind of like an actor would do when he sees a movie complete for the first time.

SJ:  As a model and make-up artist too, what is your philosophy behind looking beautiful?

A.S.V: My Philosophy is moisturize moisturize moisturize both from inside and outside skin is very important, especially as a model because skin needs to be well taken care of and never ever sleep with make-up on.

SJ: You have definitely highlighted my too; number one rule “Never sleep with make-up on”! What about when it comes to wearing make-up though, what three make-up items should no woman leave home without?

A.S.V: Mascara as it gives an expression to your eyes, lip gloss because it moisturizes your lips and makes them look kissable and blush so the colour shows of your cheek bones.

S.J:  Who have you not worked on that you’d kill to get into your make –up chair?

A.S.V: That will be model’s Gemma Ward and singer Katy Perry, if I ever get to work with them I will feel complete.

SJ: I’m positive with the way you look and everything about you, that by the time you get to work with Gemma Ward, she is going to be the one who will “feel complete” to work with you! Today’s woman is busier than ever, like you with two careers others have maybe three even, what is the easiest/quickest way to turn a day/work look into something that works for night out?

A.S.V: A strong lipstick will change the whole look and a pair of false eyelashes for a dramatic eye.

SJ:  Lastly what is the best thing about modelling for you personally, are you happy with all your experiences so far as a model?

A.S.V: The best thing is that I love playing different characters both through make-up and clothes and I love that I get to do that through modelling. Yes I don’t recall having any really bad experiences.

We wish Anastasia Stacie Vanneli, (with stage name “Stacie”) all the greater success there is to modelling and as well all the best to her make-up artist career which I’m sure many celebs will kill to be in her chair. We thank her very so dearly for having this interview. Bombshell Anastasia Stacie Vanneli “Underneath it all”.

SarahJane Kyprianou

Fashion Columnist

To contact Stacie for a make-up session for all occasions or photoshoots as Make-up artist or Model you can email her on [email protected] or look up her Facebook page under “Make-Up by Vanelli”  or under her agency “Modelpro Model Agency”

This article is also available in: Russian