A spiritual traveller herself – Ramona Filip – lets her passion for exploring new places inspire her fashion pieces and reinvent her brand that resulted in creation of her biggest and most versatile collection so far. Famous quote “The eye has to travel” by Diana Vreeland inbreathed a new concept in Ramona Filip’s fall line

Drifting from Romania – her homeland –  to far-away exotic lands, yet scaling back not an inch on the detailing, luxurious fabrics and her signature style, Ramona Filip conveys her travel influences to her new collection.

Handmade embroidered by the most skilful artisans, metallic and pearl embellishments make an impressive appearance in her newly introduced jackets, shirts and overalls. Once again encouraged by her Romanian heritage, the designer takes cue from her country’ s rich tradition and motifs to create the most exclusive range of silk hand embroidered dresses. Such intricate handmade embroidery and beadwork can only mean flawless attention to detail and the most striking result!

Besides the exquisite artisan handwork, Ramon Filip’s signature dresses make a powerful comeback. From structured neoprene off-the-shoulder pieces to floor sweeping red carpet gowns made of jersey. We can also admire softly pleated chiffon dresses as well as layered lace ones. Every signature look that has made Ramon Filip brand so well known over the years is here, strong, beautiful and revived.

‘’The eye has to travel’’, yet the lucky girl who chooses the brand will always be best dressed no matter her location.

The collection is now available on www.RamonFilip-Shop.com and the Ramon Filip Showroom, 

23 A-B Armenias Str, 2003 Nicosia

Phone: +35722879486|+35722255593 / E-mail: [email protected]