Springbank – best traditions in whisky production

About 200 years ago, back in 1828 in the Scottish town of Campbeltown, often called the world’s whisky capital, Sir Archibald Mitchell founded family business SPRINGBANK, which still cherishes family traditions, being the oldest independent distillery in Scotland.

SPRINGBANK managed not only to defend its independence in a severe battle with tycoons of alcohol business, but also to gained recognition on the global market.

SPRINGBANK distillery is unique for several reasons.

It is the only distillery in Scotland, where all the stages of whisky production are carried out in one place, using their own barley.

SPRINGBANK whisky is made without artificial coloring agents, and chill filtration is never used in production. It is a signature style of the Mitchells and it guarantees the preservation of the natural flavor of SPRINGBANK whisky.

The taste of whisky is unique due to the presence of the legendary natural mineral salt from Cross Hill Loch Lake, which feeds numerous mountain keys. All this allows preserving SPRINGBANK’s historic charm and high quality of the produced whisky.

The uniqueness of the SPRINGBANK distillery, among other things, lies in the fact that not one, but three types of single malt whisky and one blended whisky are produced here.

SPRINGBANK – is a 2.5 times distilled whisky, made of averagely smoked malt, aging 10, 15 and 18 years.

LONGROW – double distilled whisky, full-bodied, dense, made of the peat smoked malt – that’s why it has a strong peat flavor, available 10, 14 and 18-year old.

HAZELBURN – triple distillation whisky of unsmoked malt, one of the three legendary SPRINGBANK whiskys, variations 10 and 12 years.

CAMPBELTOWN LOCH – blended whisky.

SPRINGBANK distillery also produces Wood Expressions – Springbank Claret, Springbank Gaja Barolo, Springbank Madeira, Longrow Gaja Barolo, Longrow Burgundy, Hazelburn Sauternes.

Scotch whisky SPRINGBANK is endowed with different levels of strength and features an extraordinary aroma with hints of honey, sweet fruit, vanilla, marzipan, peat and almonds. The bouquet of SPRINGBANK whisky is usually described as smoky, woody, salty and very fresh. The aftertaste is always rich, oily, smooth and well-balanced.

Whisky SPRINGBANK is a premium alcoholic drink that can be bought not only in alcoholic boutiques, but also in high-end restaurants and bars with a high reputation. The price for SPRINGBANK whisky ranges from € 25 to € 500.

True connoisseurs will be particularly interested in the fact that SPRINGBANK distillery whisky can be rightly considered a collectible. The highest standards of quality in decades, as well as limited production, make this whisky a collector’s item.

SPRINGBANK whisky is a unique Scottish product that has no analogues in the world.

Enjoy the unsurpassed taste of Scotch whisky SPRINGBANK!

SPRINGBANK’s  official distributor IN CYPRUS – First Mediterranean Commodities Ltd

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