On a fringe

Fringes became one of the hottest trends in hairstyle this season. Want an instant update for your hairstyle ? A fringe is the ultimate hair refresher and an easy way to change things up if you don’t want to lose much length. Stars like Dakota Johnson, Taylor Swift,  and Rita Ora know a fringe frames the face, shows off your best features, and quickly becomes your trademark.

Zooey Deschanel and Lily Allen are the official queens of the full fringe and have been working one into their style for years. When Zooey appeared on red carpet without her famous bangs she was… absolutely unrecognisable! Lily is now truing out different colours from blue and green to pink and red. Whatever color she dies her hair in the bangs always stays!

When Duchess Kate stepped out with her newly fringed hairstyle, the paps went mad. Seriously, half salons of the country got busy creating customers Kete’s look.

Most recently,  Emma Watson debuted brand new bangs and totally hit the red carpet in Berlin on the premiere of her latest film, Colonia.

Still can’t decide to be or not to be… I mean, to cut or not to cut? Moi Ostrov selected the best bangs of the season for you!