LIFT and TEPAK join forces to promote women at work


Photo by Ludmila Kyriacou

Last Saturday was a very productive day with some lucky LIFT members and guests of the association. One fine Saturday morning at Cyprus University of Technology they acquired the basic understanding of NLP as a tool to develop key skills, needed in every aspect of life. Specifically, they were instructed on its use in conflict resolution, as part of the first professional workshop of LIFT.

LIFT members and guests had the pleasure of being instructed by Elena Sabelnikova that has recently moved to Cyprus from Australia, where she practiced NLP and coached corporate clients on its many uses. Elena’s straightforward and friendly demeanour got rave reviews from the attendants, if our feedback forms are anything to go by. It is no wonder she has been selected among many masters of NLP to participate in a celebrity project in Russia, despite being all the way in Cyprus.

Elena had the difficult task of covering significant ground over a very limited period of time. NLP training

Photo by Ludmila Kyriacou

sessions of such magnitude typically take a full day, whereas the workshop allowed 2 hours only. Elena was unsure as to how much of the technique our attendants already know, so assumed the worst. She was not wrong, as none of the present company had more understanding of NLP than your average Google search can come up with.

Nevertheless, the audience learned what is meant by “it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it” and figured out the applicability of this statement in office negotiations. Short interactive sessions throughout allowed the attendants to analyse others and split them into distinct information processing groups. “Students” practiced in relating to the way others absorb data and what words will command the attention of the room. The class even got homework! Talk about a hands-on course…

The audience was captivated and left wanting more. Watch this space for future NLP workshops that will help anyone unlock their true potential in personal life, office politics and more.

Cyprus University of Technology, a.k.a. TEPAK, has kindly provided LIFT with their state-of-the-art facilities, where more sessions will be condudcted in the future. Attendants watched short films, listened to popular music hits and had ample ground to do exercises, all in the name of professional development. It’s a good thing Saturday morning left the amphitheatre free of the usual bustle of student life, so LIFT could take the time and absorb the knowledge.

Photo by Ludmila Kyriacou

As to what’s next, LIFT has something tremendous in store for all, so interested persons should mark 28 January in their calendars from now. Find out more by visiting LIFT website at and follow the Facebook page, too ( LIFT keeps members in the know by newsletters but those that have not joined yet can learn a great deal about LIFT by following the social media, too.



L.I.F.T. is Cyprus’ first association of women working in financial services. The organisation’s aim is to provide a supportive and engaging platform for professional women across Cyprus, with a focus on women working in the financial services sector.

The information was provided by Bella Sovmiz, the President of LIFT.

Nadiia Loversun