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One designer that has embraced her love for clothes, like a blossom of beauty covering all there is to love about every inch and detail right down to the last cut and stitch to a material. Call it ‘perfection’ but to this specific designer it’s like fuel to an engine and Loukia Kyriakou tells us in this exclusive interview, her non stop activity in the industry that has awed many audiences. I had the pleasure of finding out a little more about Loukia and her work, before meeting her and walking in to her boutique for an up-close view of her designs at “L.K.Creations” Boutique you could almost say she was sold out! No hesitation that Loukia has her work cut out for her in a good way, her booming success has no stopping as so Loukia herself and I find out why : SJ: Firstly Loukia I would like to know what you like mostly about Cyprus? LK: I love the weather! Always sunny, it resembles what I feel such as “happy”. SJ: Let me just say that after your show during the Cyprus Fashion Days, everything from your collection was about individuality, it really stood out, it had a personality of it’s own, compared to some of the other collection that were almost predicted to be seen as per the winter trends. I want to know what specifically inspired you for your autumn-winter 12/13 collection? LK: It was actually one of the fabrics that was used in my collection, a flower print material that was used on most of the garments of my collection. And my mood… because I was in a very dark place at that time in my life when I started the collection. SJ: The famous saying “Fashion fades, only style remains the same”, said Coco Chanel. How would you define your style? LK: I dress how I feel, when I feel moody and sad it’s going to show through the way I dress, and someone who really knows me well will be able to tell how I feel. SJ: Who or what inspires your creations in general? LK: EVERYTHING! People, objects, persons that I know, I love old Hollywood films that are of an American or Greek nature. I also get inspired by magazines too. SJ: For this autumn/winter, what would you definitely have in your wardrobe? LK: Definitely a black sexy dress i.e leather, just a sexy and elegant black dress, and definitely something with cut outs on i.e a jacket, pants that you can match with everything, I also love sheer materials but only to be worn at moderate level. Just two pieces that would make you stand out all year round. SJ: Is there a designer you admire more than others? LK: Yes! I am really obsessed with Alexander McQueen, I used to download everything of his collections just to see how the dresses were constructed. He was a master, I honestly think he actually left his own legacy. I really believe that after him, he opened a really huge chapter on his own in fashion. He influenced me more than anybody. I also really like to match vintage like with modern clothes, which is what Alexander McQueen did! – that ability to make every single piece of his to be a work of Art. I also really like Marchesa the stunning bridal gowns are shire romance. SJ: If gifted people like Alexander and you, and many other designers didn’t exist shopping would loose its meaning! So I’m keen to also know what are your favorite shops, globally speaking? LK: I love H&M because you can get really fashionable stuff at really affordable prices. I like Zara because it has really elegant clothes and again at affordable prices. Of course not to forget Harrods and Selfridges because you can get anything your heart desires. SJ: I think it is quite obvious for your passion for fashion but to what level? is there a limit? Where does fashion come in your personal scale of values? LK: It’s a way of life, I live and breath it, it might not show sometimes because of my busy schedule but I still will be thinking about Fashion 24/7. SJ: Do you have any other passions? LK: I am passionate about people in my life, I can give everything to somebody Im passionate about, for example it might be my brother, my boyfriend, friends. SJ: Can you tell us what are your plans for the future? Maybe a little about what to expect in your next collection, just a few sneak peeks of your ideas. LK: My future- Im just waiting to see what happens through my work, what life will throw at me, but on a personal level I would want to be in a place were I would be happy, with a person who would love me for who I am and what I do, because what I do is who I am! To all readers who would like to visit Loukia Kyriakou’s Boutique “L.K.Creations” or book a fitting you can call 26100542 or its’ s address is Galateias 10 8046 Pafos Cyprus. SarahJane Kyprianou Fashion Columnist   LK AND CLOTHES LK FULL

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