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Remi Sabbah

Mlle Epaulette by Remi Sabbah

A taste for fashionable appetite & diary of style & wanderlust

Being a blogger indicates regular social media activity. Do you think you are addicted to your smartphone?

Truth be told my line of work makes me rely on my iPhone, I use it 24/7 but not solely for social media activity. As a designer I need to orchestrate a number of professionals, meetings, collaborations and events that will help me expand my business.

How did the idea of creating a fashion blog appear? Was it just a fun way to pass your time or you were actually in pursuit of some professional goals?

I am a Creative Director as well as a fashion designer so starting my own travel/fashion blog was fun and recreational but it was also a way to promote my line and my stylistic skills

Obviously, we can’t help asking – who are your all times favourite bloggers in the fashion world?

I’d say I am inspired by a number of fashion bloggers but I follow Olivia Palermo, her elegant yet classic style is truly unique.

What’s your recipe for a successful fashion blog? How to get and keep your devoted audience always interested and excited?

I think that my own urge to explore and redefine myself as well as my sense of wanderlust are the elements that drive me to constantly find something new to experience and keep my followers intrigued.

What do you choose to emphasize more – the outfits or the text content? What’s the proportion that works the best?

I think that in a visual medium such as Instagram a picture is worth a thousand words. I do like to give my own take and personal point of view however in the captions, so I’d say they both have a role to play.

Nowadays in this digital era almost everybody is somehow a blogger. What’s the secret of becoming a “worthy to follow” one?

I’d say that my need to contribute and provide a daily source of inspiration and motivation is very prominent in my social media accounts. In my opinion that is also the secret behind a successful blogger.

In your opinion, what’s missing in the blog world at the moment? What do people not blog enough about?

Sometimes people forget how to appreciate the simpler things in life. For blogging should encompass a genuine and personal point of view and unfortunately only very few bloggers are doing that.

Do you feel that sometimes you get carried away and instead of enjoying your journey and free time, you concentrate on how presentable and creative it would appear in your blog?

No, I always try to maintain a balance in my personal life and as much as I love my work, I’d never let it consume me. If I wear a certain outfit while I am travelling, it’s only because I feel like it. Blogging should be something creative and fun.

Who’s your fashion icon?

Karl Lagerfeld, because he has left created a legacy with his iconic style and he has contributed an immeasurable deal to fashion

Your much-loved designer?

Dolce & Gabbana, their designs are so feminine and timeless, they are definitely awe inspiring.

What do you see as the main purpose of the outfit – bring comfort, add glamour, impress, make a statement? …

I’d say that the main purpose of an outfit is how it makes you feel when you are wearing it. Dressing up is a form of art so style and glamour also play an important role but for me it’s the way a dress empowers a woman that plays the most important role.

Have you got any taboos when it comes to your personal style? What will you never wear?

I really love to experiment and I wouldn’t claim to have any taboos. Knowing my own style though, I’d say that I wouldn’t wear anything that is very bulky or masculine.

Where do you seek inspiration creating your attires? Movies, magazines, just street looks?

I usually draw inspiration from different street styles and current trends, but I can also be inspired from more exotic trends while travelling.

Do you think it’s justified to let the quality of clothing or accessory be overshadowed by the original design? Would you purchase such a piece?

Quality and design should go hand in hand, I truly believe that we ought to invest in high quality pieces that we can style in a number of different ways.

What’s the main difference between fashion and style for you?

Fashion is a broader term, encompassing different style, eras and trends. Style is something you develop over the years, style is personal and it certainly cannot be bought.

How would you characterise your own personal style in 5 words?

Feminine, powerful, edgy, bold and elegant

What fashion trends will be the most relevant this SS season?

I think suede will definitely be worn a lot, Victorian elements are also reappearing especially when it comes to accessories, pleats and light denim shades will also be worn.

What’s the trend you wish never came back in fashion? An anti-trend, so to speak. And which is the one you are expecting to come back as soon as possible?

I am definitely not a fan of the eighties teased hair and multi patterned outfits but I really adore the iconic Grace Kelly 1950s style.

5 timeless fashion pieces that will always be trendy?

The tailored black blazer, power heels, channel bags, the YSL t-shirt and a white pencil dress.

What’s your advice to those trying to define their personal style?

Be creative and don’t take the rule too seriously. Finding your personal sense of style is all about experimenting and having fun.

If your style was a music genre what would it be?

Probably a classic soft blues melody.

What’s the most flattering clothing piece for a woman at all times? What clothing piece is an absolute must-have for any lady?

It all depends on the woman’s body type but if you are blessed with a perfect hourglass then a bodycon midi dress in dark shades will definitely flatter your curves. The absolute must have for any lady would be a black blazer.

You are a vigorous traveller bringing to your followers a fashion story from each city you go to. Describe with one word each destination you recently visited. Have you got a soft spot for any of them?

Greek islands –Majestic

France – Timeless

London – Intriguing

Milano – Addictive

My soft spot will definitely be France, I really don’t need an excuse to visit Paris since I studied there, I have friends and collaborators there and it is my number one go to destination for all things fashion.

If you had a time machine, which fashion epoch would you travel first to?

I’d love to go back to the 1940’s back when Vogue started building a legacy and watch those divine outfits being styled.

What piece of clothing or an accessory do you associate yourself the most?

I’d definitely associate myself with a classy blazer, just because it gives so much power to the modern woman.Your fashion motto?

“Fashions fade, style is eternal” YSL

Besides being a blogger you are a proud founder and owner of your own brand “Mlle Epaulette”. Tell us a bit about the inspiration, message and muse of the brand.

Mlle Epaulette is all about an elegant, empowering and glamorous style that expresses femininity in its finest and that can accommodate the needs of a woman on various occasions.

What new fashion treat did you prepare for the lovers of your brand for summer season?

I am currently working on yet another new collection which will be adding exotic elements to my designs but to learn more you need to stay tuned with the brand at

What are the rules when building up a look – evening or casual? That are the “laws” of a well—balanced attire?

You should try to avoid using two different patterns and a number of different colours. Plain outfits can be very chic when accessorized in the right way. If you chose to wear a statement piece then you need to keep the rest of your outfit in more neutral tones.

Describe the woman of “Mlle Epaulette”.

Mademoiselle epaulette for me is a powerful, complex and intriguing woman, in every collection I design there is a different theme that alludes to a certain quality of her character. Essentially Mlle Epaulette is a woman that likes to reinvent herself and explore her style with every new season.

Remi Sabbah