In Sweden the Curve is Flattening without Lockdown

At first the world looked at Sweden as the odd one out and most governments surely were sitting and hoping to prove that the strict lockdown measures where necessary in order to keep an increasingly edgy population happy with their current situations around the world.

It does look toay, on the 29th of April as if the worst has passed in Sweden, at least in the Capital Stockholm.

The curve is flattening with fewer deaths daily and fewer new cases.

Sweden’s response so far has been to close schools only for students aged over 15 as they are seen as able to handle distance studies. This move was planned because a high percentage of the hospital staff in Sweden are parents of young children and a lockdown would mean they cannot go to work.

Another factor for resisting the implementation of strong lockdown measures was that vaccines are not expected to circulate until mid-2021 which would mean some form of lockdown would need to be in place until then.

Countries with lockdown measures will likely have to deal with a very long and complex road back with cases spiking with each lockdown measure removed.

Stockholm from by Nadine Wuchenauer