Moi Ostrov brings you more Fashion Action you might have missed during the night for the Cyprus Fashion Days Celebration Party 31.01.2014 that took place in Larnaca at the Galu Seaside Bar & Restaurant dedicated to our islands talented Fashion Designers presenting their designs. 

See more highlight of the shows that took place that night:

A big Salute to the Menswear and accessories that  was also on show such. Formal ready-to-wear ensemble by fashion designer Kristo Avraam with lots of polite preppiness to it with the black oval mens dufflebag to the pale pine green blazer jacket, grey waist coat matched with a white shirt and bow tie plus the navy blue trousers, clothes that are not only beautifully tailored but clothes that make men instantly look more handsome and elegant. A very wearable outfit by designer Kristo Avraam.

Sporting on more Menswear was ‘Wing’ of designer Andrea Panagidou a scene that was all about the bag;, from the gold chained black and gold studded bag to the travel size bag that reminisced hopping onto a private jet for the weekend. This laidback  attire for a hunky look also consisted of distressed denim jeans and a casual basic lightweight vest top that had a breezy and relaxed like appeal.

Kseni by Andry Demetriou opted for a more ‘uncensored’ look with a bare all’-chested warrior lookalike, wearing gold and jeweled armour crown, rings,  cuffs and and large necklace chokers to go with the long silver pendant crossing along the model’s fit physique with some other touches of tribal and ‘legend’ influences like the luxe fur coat grazing on top of the model’s well toned shoulders.

A fine romance with lace took to the runway like the chiffon and lace trumpet dress by G.ENGLEZOS with floral embroidery, maxi lengths and high necks that wonderfully elongated the ruffled ends of the dress that was pure languish proving that the romantic mood of spring/summer 2014 is set to stick around as the cold winter weather sets in.

More sheer lace variety also seen in Marilia Economou‘s 212 Fashion designs creation in tones of happy green and white that had a sixties plead to it by the pretty daisy chain around the model’s shiny long locks of hair, we also loved the paneled structure of the outfit which gave a dose of modernity to the outfit.

As lace continued to come layered or ruffled and paneled with inserts on dresses, the audience stopped and stared as high fashion model Ksenia Zaytseva catwalked down the aisle in a design by VARMA  a beautifully long fish tail black dress with an oval cut out at the back, lusheus see through lace at the top half including it’s long sleeves and plume detail at the waist , the look was so dominating and powerful yet sassy whilst Ksenia posed for the cameras. It was a touch of gothic entwined with glamour at the same time.

From a dark pallet to a softer darker tone of purple on the garment displayed to us by Nikoletta Demitriou with lightly made layers of delicate appliques on a floor length dress with lots of textile innovation. Nikoletta Demirtiou oh’ so talently played with layering and lengths. A dress with a lot of character with a sensual drift to as well.

More chiffon ruffles on the sartorial functioned dress by Atelier Lenia, long V cut chest and small chiffon ruffled in to shape in tones of pastel turquoise that had a soft finish to the translucent floor length bottom half of the dress with a high thigh slit revealing the indense gold sequined hot pants underneath.

Translucent touches were gracefully reciprocated to on designer’s Pavlina Nikolaou Z, a slick white sparkly see-through and very detailed embellished evening gown with lots of white glitzy sequins and beads ending in a waterfall floor sweeping fabric. You can always expect the best for a chic red carpet look designed by Pavlina Nikolaou Z.

More highlights of Cyprus Fashion Days Celebration coming up soon….

SarahJane Kyprianou

Fashion Columnist

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