« I am not a girl, I am poison. »


Poison is more than a perfume. It is a story of Dior femininity. A scent with an air of scandal. A hint of subversion. An appeal to the senses so strong, it is seductive and disturbing in equal measures. “No Smoking, No Poison,” said the signs posted at New York restaurants…

Today the myth is reinvented in a great new Dior perfume. It has come to life, and today, a woman has emerged: Poison Girl. She is provocative, her message loud and clear: “I AM POISON!”

A party girl, her scent follows her to the sound of a wild beat. Boom, Boom. Her heart goes bang. An icon of Girl Power version 2.0, she is afraid of nothing. She is seductive, appears casual. Cooler, but as strong as ever. Pop feminism: stilettoes, make-up and cleavage, but with a raised fist.

Her perfume is a signature resembling her. Full of life and audacity: sexy, sassy, confident. The perfume of a contemporary girl who fulfils her own desires, unfettered. Who has no need to win her freedom.


Poison Girl, instant pleasure

« Poison Girl is immediately identifiable, it’s an uncompromising signature.”

François Demachy, Dior Perfume Creator

Poison Girl is an explosive scent, a disturbing creation. An instant perfume, an uncompromising signature that one loves or hates. François Demachy composed Poison Girl for a generation of young women who are powerfully seductive, and direct. Because today, everything moves faster, is more intense.  His new “poison” is as richly floral as it is devilish.

The composition stays true, doesn’t falter.

A delicious, toxic, floral scent.

A lasting signature for lasting pleasure.


Poison girl, a gourmand sin

“Poison girl is a gourmand appeal.

It is a sensual trap, yet avoids overly sweet and sugary notes. It troubles and disturbs the senses”

François Demachy, Dior Perfume Creator

François Demachy decided on facetted raw materials rich in expressive nuances, for a bitter-sweet floral perfume, elegant in a Dior way. A distinguished composition that has the audacity of both delicious and sassy notes. A fruity introductory note of Bitter Orange makes the mouth water. This vivacious, slightly acidic opening spurs on the voluptuous beauty of Rose and rubs shoulders with the uniquely sensual Venezuelan Tonka Bean.

This appetising brown Bean is graced with an enveloping charm tinged with a hint of bitterness. Vanilla and almond are like cashmere in this unrelenting appeal to the senses… In its sweet roundness lie unexpected notes that grate slightly and disturb lastingly. In addition, a hint of Vanilla appears in Poison Girl, the better to emphasize her irresistible In harmony with this tender trap, a note of Tolu balsam cajoles and reassures. Finally, the base is clothed in the comforting, woody, simultaneously potent and milky sensuality of Sri Lankan Sandalwood.

Within Poison girl lies a rich heart, for here the Rose is queen. Spirited and expressive Essence of Rosa Damascena combines with Grasse Rose Absolute, the quintessential floral and a magical memory for the Grassois François Demachy.


“As a child I loved the typical Grasse delicacy of sugared rose petals. This delicious memory has

left me with the taste of a “crisp” flower that inspired Poison Girl’s sassy seductive charm.”

François Demachy

“Poison Girl” makes an entrance.

Attractive, addictive, devastating.

An instant, direct effect.



The Film

The story hasn’t changed. It’s a game of seduction and chance. In New York, of course. Mythology obliges for a generation that doesn’t sleep. On the rooftop of the Boom Boom Room, epicentre of the downtown party, princesses of the night lose themselves to the beat of wild music. Then she appears, sexy and nonchalant. A new kind of girl: a cool bombshell. She holds all the cards in the game of tease and trap. The sensual and virtual trap of a temptress version 2.0. She snakes through the warm night. She provokes and attracts him, using all her charms, her entire arsenal, and her changing face, superimposed on the screens. Her body is like a digital mirage, her eyes a caress offered up and laid bare. Her virtual image multiplies, endlessly. Drawn to her barefaced sex appeal, he breaks into her digital privacy projected on the wall. But the images give way to reality. She appears, a flesh and blood beauty. She dispels the mirage and takes hold of him. As for him… He is hypnotized, condemned to submit…Enslaved to her real, rebellious and sexy “Poison.” Enslaved to a contemporary girl.


Poison Girl,

the girl

Camille Rowe is young and sexy. Very sexy. We know that she’s a top model of a unique type, a girl who guys fall for and women like. She’s cool and fresh, with a sulky pout and tantalizing curves. She made her mark playing Robert Pattinson’s “Dior fiancée” in the Romain Gavras film. But most of all, she is a girl of her time, uninhibited and funny, seductive and natural. Her gang of followers tracks her travels, her photo shoots and her bursts of laughter. Her image is personal, not formatted. She has a nonchalant sensuality, an untameable and gracious charm. Today, seen through the lens of director SO ME, she has become a “Poison Girl.”

A girl of her time: cool and fiercely sexy.


So Me, So Poison

the director

Graphic designer, music producer, video director and music video director, SO ME is a prolific French artist among the most high profile of this new “French touch” phenomenon that is setting trends worldwide. He is known for his close collaboration with the group JUSTICE, and for the spirited, rhythmic style of his music videos for Kanye West and Kid Cudi. His work quickly took on an international dimension.



the music

DJ and producer Brodinski is the child prodigy of “French touch” electro, in the style of acolytes Gesaffelstein and Yuksek. This regular at the Social Club and co-creator of the Bromance label has gained international acclaim. His track “Nobody Rules The Streets” accompanies the potent seductive power of a resolutely urban, nocturnal and sexy Poison Girl.   PoisonGirl_VisuelSe#1564F07