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PKS philosophy of Kudos + Style is identified as a leading force in home interior design in Cyprus for its bespoke design and highly exclusive services. Since 1953, strengthened by its years of experience, has grown to collaborate with the world’s biggest brands and designers on home philosophy , combining luxurious yet modernist fabrics with elegant and subtle style. Always passionate about the power of good design their goal is to co-create a truly unique house that reflects and highlights the owner’s aesthetic.

PKS philosophy of Kudos + Style brand family is expanding, introducing new member – Blumarine.

A collection of sophisticated, luxurious and creative linen with a strong focus on details. Blumarine Home collection combines various colors and textures to create quality designs for chic and lively environments.

A wonder of softness and elegance, without neglecting comfort, in the new Blumarine Baby collection, to accompany each moment of the baby’s day. The embroidered bows are matched with delicate pink, beige or cloud pied-de-poule and characterise all the complements, with a pattern of polka-dots and little stars, applications with heart motif and Swarovski crystals. Delicate solid colours for the night with a bow motif profiled and embroidered on a white background, in the candy, blue and dove tints. And again, a pattern of lace-effect roses in pearl and powder tones. It is a fairy tale world, as in all the coordinated accessories and gift ideas: baby blanket with a heart motif (cradle and buggy size), blankets with butterflies, and the super soft cushions in heart-shaped faux fur. Blumarine Baby is made only with high quality materials such as satin, percale, 100% cotton towelling and manufactured entirely in Italy.

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