Model Star eclipse Stylianos Florides is here – A Must Read Exlusive Intervew

Dark blond gorgeous curls and blue eyes, utterly charming, educated and thoughtful. Stylianos Florides featured in natargeorgiou Spring /Summer 2014 collection and in our August 2013 edition’ s photo shoot. He is the soon-to-be national object of desire with his clean-cut boyish appeal that provides an interesting contrast to the macho posturings of fellow male models in the industry, he is masculine enough though not waif, not too bulky and testosteroned-up to be appealing, as his look is completely malleable though a standout on the catwalk where his slim but perfect physique has made him a symbol of hope for body-watchers.

Stylianos dangerously veers towards “pretty” though he praises all the photographers he’s worked with so far. It’s not surprising that the 21 year old stunner is one of the most sought after male models of the moment even when I caught up with Stylianos for the Interview, I almost did a double take because it was like the page of a glossy magazine had come to life, as I sat down Stylianos was in his very boy-next-door look to tell us more about himself and the fantastic start to his modelling career in this exclusive interview.

  • Name: Stylianos Florides
  • Nationality: Cypriot
  • Age: 21
  • Home Town: Limassol
  • Agency: Theone

SJ: So Styliliano the modelling industry is constantly looking for new faces, was that one of the factors that made you want to peruse this? what made you want to start modeling?

S.F: I’ve always had a big interest in the fashion industry as well an interest for the people who make it happen. I was very fortunate that a special someone took care of making me realize that I too have a great chance at succeeding in this industry as a model…hence after further advise and direction I started and from then it was one job that opened up to another!!!!

SJ: You recently modeled for designer label natargeorgiou for it’ s men’s RTW S/S 2014 collection what was that like? Did you enjoy it?

S.F: Never did I imagine that my first time on the job would be those two significant persons (Dimos Natar & Andreas Georgiou)…My agent one day took me to their casting in Nicosia, and on the same day on my way back to Limassol I was informed that I got the job… It was something that I’d never dreamed of; it was definitely the best start that any model could ask for. As for if I enjoyed doing it, other than the excellent professional approach of Natar Georgiou and their creativity which was obvious by their designs, what stood out most with them, was that they were people with a good sense of humour, this collaboration of humour, talent and professional approach to things all together didn’t make me feel at all disappointed in anyway, I was truly impressed. From the bottom of my heart I would like to express a very big thank you to them for giving me such a brilliant and amazing opportunity, I am so grateful for that.

SJ: Every model has their signature look, there are different versatile features that stand out most from either a unique eye colour, hair or cheekbones, what would you say is your most marked characteristic on you?

S.F: Well from what has been said by most that have seen me, first of all no one would believe that I was Cypriot, though so far people’s opinions and impressions were very  satisfactory, in whole; my image,  lips, eyes, body and hair were said to be the complete reflection of a male model. That is something that I take advantage of in the best possible way for all the right reasons of course in modelling.

SJ: When at a casting it helps when people can actually comment on what they like about you and facts that you could progress more on, though if your on the runway you know that there wont be anyone telling you what you could do better, does that scare you at all, therefore do you think there is a need to mentally prepare yourself before you go on and if so, what do you think about when you’re on the runway?

S.F: I don’t think, because I’m so overwhelmed by what is happening at that moment in time, I am more focused to giving the best possible self in order to reach the best possible result. When on the runway as easy or difficult as it may be I enjoy every second and minute of it to the full.

S.J: What about when you are modelling for a photoshoot this also some times may get multy-expectational for a model, how do you find a way to be creative in this job when a photographer asks you to become a character or a stylist wants you to embody a certain idea do you always understand what they’re saying?  can you easily adapt well if the photo shoot’s concept is not of your nature, for example sometimes models are asked to get into a certain role i.e sad, happy, funny, ect, do you find this easy ?

 S.F: Well in the beginning it was easy because I found it very cultivating as I like being tested for my qualities as a model, but  I doesn’t really matter on what level you are at i.e good or bad, I don’t think that anybody can truly be prefect at it. But what ever is thrown at me to become, specifically if asked to transform into a happy or sad character I will do it though using the photographers guidance, because I know the final result will be what was anticipated from right in the beginning when they decided to have me model for that concept to the moment I’m behind the lense of the camera. I never have a problem in transforming myself emotionally or into a completely different person and roles even if I don’t feel that way at the time of the shoot. What is important is that I must mention to you that during a previous hair photoshoot I ‘d done I had to have my hair cut and from one minute to the other all my hair was gone, in the beginning I resisted to getting it cut though after much persuasion by my agent which of course was very convincing, the result was amazing. As a model you have many expectations by the persons choosing you for the job in different ways and I am more than prepared to face each and every one of them.

SJ: What would you say refines your personal style?

S.F: My personal style I would say is nothing more than your usual 21 year old boy’s everyday casual look… T-Shirt, shorts and sneakers, nothing more…

SJ: If your were to put yourself in an other situation and time what would you be if you were not  a model now?

S.F: If I was not a model right now first of all I would continue being my everyday self, just very down to earth, going to my schooling as I am currently studding. I would be just hanging out with my friends, going to the gym, generally just letting time go by gracefully.

SJ: Stylianos you have had an excellent start as a model especially as a male model, because what we preserved to see by the media is that fashion is mostly female orientated and people may agree to disagree on that topic, but can you tell us as a male model so far in your career if you can still see yourself in 5 years from now still modelling or do you have a different future plan? What are your future intensions?

S.F: In 1 to 2 years time I will have finished my studies that are of the subject of Nature friendly energy sources from Hydrocarbon Gasses and then taking on a degree on that sector. During and when I’ve finally finished my studies, in that period of time I will try my best in expanding my experience and work as model, especially when I have already been scouted by the Elite Models Agency in Italy, this makes me want to chase my dream in modelling even more, just thinking of what will prevail when signing on with them keeps me glued to pursuing into getting great results in what I love doing, even if luck isn’t on my side at times I will never give up in achieving it, there are no limits in modelling or in life, you only have it once to live it and everyone should do the best in taking advantage of that, by doing what they love the most, and for me it’s not just with finishing a degree and emerging into a successful person, my true devotion in life lays on something called FASHION!!.

Stylianos’ s prosperous modeling plans as we can see have already taken their stand and he is already a muse to one of the island’s major designer brands. He is the new revolution of your 20-something male model and we are extremely grateful for Stylianos taking time to do this interview for us at Moi Ostrov Magazine with his angelic face and delicate frame effortlessly mesmerizing to clients and everyone he meets including us. His success in modelling is attributed to not only by his eye-catching appearance but also his charming personality and unique character Stylianos is definitely someone who has “what it takes”, he isn’t just a “pretty face”, he is a star waiting for his eclipse to happen and instead of lots of telescopes pointing out to see it they’ll be lots of camera lenses waiting for him to awe the world of fashion.

SarahJane Kyprianou

Fashion Columnist

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