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Moi Ostrov team had an exciting opportunity to spend a day in a newly opened Limegrove Spa & Fitness at Limassol Marina enjoying excellent quality spa treatments and modern fitness facilities. Refreshing smoothies and freshly squeezed juices started a Spa day which proceeded with  a wonderful reharmonizing full body massage using high quality natural products. Elegantly decorated beauty salon offered nail services as well as hair styling that lived up to our high expectations of this unique conceptual Spa and Fitness experience.

Delicious lunch with healthy  salads, fresh mouthwatering main courses and  vitaminizing beverages was a great continuation of a splendid relaxation session. Harmonious interior presented in comforting earthy colors and perfectly chosen authentic finishes created an enjoyable feeling of recreation and bliss. Friendly team, premium organic products, superior setting and a pleasant atmosphere inspired and mesmerized us with Limegrove’s healthy lifestyle concept and Company’s logo “Feel better. Look better. Live better.” All in all, a beautiful day in a beautiful place! Thank you, Limegrove Spa & Fitness!

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