Interview with Model most on demand – Elena Theodorou

One of the top new faces to watch, we’ ve been keeping track of all her work and it’s also easy to see why she’s so in demand right now.   Elena Theodorou the 21 year old model reveals a few of her favourite things and what it was like for her during the latest photoshoot for Moisotrov Magazine.

Name: Elena Theodorou

Age: 21

Nationality: Cypriot (Half Bulgarian)

HomeTown: Limassol

Agency: Modelpro Agency

SJ:  How would you describe your personal style?

E.T: Well I have always followed religiously the saying “You wear the clothes, don’t let the clothes wear you”. I don’t like overdoing it and therefore I prefer to give my own personal touch towards my everyday outfits as well as my image. I do also follow the latest trends that are about,; just as long as they resemble my personality too.

SJ: I think it is also good for every model to have their own personal style too as it supports their own unique image because designers are always looking for this element, something different than what they have had in the past making their latest collection in a way differ than the previous one, because their choice of model for each show goes by what their collection is based on. So what was it that made you want to pursue in modelling?

E.T : From a small age I was always drawn and had an interest towards the whole modelling aspect of things, and so I finally got the opportunity at just the age of 15 years to start modelling lessons at  Modelpro.

SJ: 15 years old! You must have a lot of experience that is very impressive! Have you ever experienced a bad moment during a shoot if so tell us why?

E.T: Being in this career for me, every photoshoot has its own individual moments and experience from the other. I have never come across a bad moment, on the contrary after every photoshoot I leave very satisfied with my work even if it takes hours to finish at times.

SJ: So what about when you’re free from all the camera lenses and out of the sample clothes, what’s your go to off-duty outfit?

E.T: Usually I dress depending on what my mood is, as well as what type of occasion it may be or season. I would say a simple jean with the right t-shirt is the best choice that I would go for.

SJ: What about your favourite look for night time?

E.T: A simple classic evening dress combined with the right accessories, and bag & shoes will be depending on the occasion at that time of day.

SJ: What’s your desired thing or things to splurge on ?

E.T: A little bit of everything!!! I love everything that has to do with Fashion..

SJ: Did you enjoy the Moiostov photoshoot? What was your favourite item that you wore during the shoot?

E.T: Oh it was a brilliant cooperation and team work. All the outfits during the shoot were amazing and it is hard to choose which one I liked the most.

SJ: Now that it is officially summer hence the unbearable heat…, do you have a beauty trick for us girls for when it’s really hot out?

E.T: I tend to always avoid having my hair let down by using head scarves or usually just by having it in a “chignon” or ponytail, so that I can protect it from the sweat that builds up on my neck, and all these up do looks are perfect for those hot summer months too at the same time.

SJ: Lastly how about your complexion, what’s your go-to beauty product for summer?

E.T: A really good sunscreen for the face for protection from the hot sun but also have the sunscreen handy for the hair so it doesn’t dry out.

A very special thanks to Model Elena Theodorou for taking time for this interview, yet another rising fashion model on her way to thousands of headlines reminiscing her image,  here is a passionate and animated keen young woman with a deep thirst for self-knowledge and opinion.

SarahJane Kyprianou

Fashion Columnist 


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