CYPRUS’ S TOP MODEL – Utkina Maria Interview

One of the islands’ s top models and soon no doubt championing her way onto the wish lists of Fashion Royalty Utkina Maria. Maria who just recently modelled for us on the “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” shoot and has also catwalked for Cypriot Designers during the Cyprus Fashion Days during November for TALU, Calia Monogiou,  RATT, Loukia Kyriakou and many more. I had the opportunity to meet with Maria to learn a little bit about this model who isn’t very far from super stardom:

Name: Uktina Maria

Nationality: Russian

Age: 20

HomeTown: Russia

Agency: Freelance

SJ: How do you stay looking beautiful during Fashion shows like the ones you participated for in Cyprus Fashion Days or the on going one day photoshoots, like the recent “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” for Moiostrov?

U.M: It is simple, I do nothing ,  I just love doing my job, either a fashion show or photoshoot , it is nice when I’ m doing this as I forget about my problems!

SJ: What’s the most useful tip you’ve learnt on the job?

U.M: Just if people try to correct you this does not mean that they do not like you or something like this, you must to see it as a good thing for yourself, because you learn from that and you become more better and more professional!

SJ: How old were you when you started modelling, was it something that interested you or were you approached by another person in the Fashion Industry to follow such a career?

U.M: Okay well I did Catwalk for Fashion shows when I was in Russia, but I did not care about it so much because I had to finish school! When I came to Cyprus 2 years ago I realized and understood that I want to work as model, so from this, it is the start of my modelling career!

SJ: Well you have certainly accomplished a lot in just a small period of time and I am sure you have so much more success ahead.  So what do you do when you’re off-duty?

U.M: When I have free time during the weekend, I just relax, I go out with my friends, or just sit at home and eat chocolates, though now that it is summer it is good to go to the beach, but now I do not have so much time because I have exams, but after as soon as I finish I will do  it very often!

SJ: Oh yes us girls need our Sun, and your also taking exams! It is amazing how you can fit modelling, exams and everything else into your schedule even me!   Tell me if you were to choose how would be  your top designer?

U.M: I do not really have a favourite designer, it is doesn’t matter if they are expensive labels  or cheap clothes,  if  I like it and it’ s  good material I will buy it!

SJ: I also want to ask how you maintain your complexion and self, could you tell me what are your top 5 beauty essentials?

UM:  I think the most important beauty is what is inside the person, of course on outside too, I do not really have  particular beauty regime, I am just as I am, though  must to stick to  exercising because I have a bit of a sweet-tooth but sill I’m even lazy to do that.

SJ: Lastly can describe yourself in five words or less

UM: I think I’m very sensitive  I like to have fun and I like positive people  I’m also very trustworthy and this makes me also trust other people very easily, this is my problem., in general I’m a nice person.

A very special thank you to Utkina Maria a new model “to-watch”,  a model whom has managed in very little time to have a very positive start to her modelling career.

SarahJane Kyprianou

Fashion Columnist 



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