Cyprus Fashion Days 2 Years Celebration Fiesta Party 31.01.2014 that took place in Larnaca at the Galu Seaside Bar & Restaurant dedicated to our islands talented Fashion Designers presenting their designs. 

See our highlights and many more to come, of the biggest Fashion event held on the Island yet:

The shows started off  with an extravaganza of futuristic and extreme looks that seal the mind into a different point of view inclined with; as if we are seeing in question as a reality, a breath point of which took you into the designers individual thinking maneuver like the outstanding finish of the candlelit  headpiece by designer Chatziflorentzou Panagiotis on an all white statue real life model that ballet danced her way to center stage to face the audience all in awe, twirling with a knee-length and calf-skimming skirt that had a certain vintage feel to it.

Holding on to that all white visual quip and an unconventional tableau to display we were presented with an exaggerated hourglass figure that had a religious appeal to it with it’s strict cape shape linked together with see-through fabrics that were all proportionally subversive pieces put together of which as a result worked out as an all-in-one piece brilliantly. One more thing about this outfit was that you couldn’t help but sing to yourself Madonna’s  ‘like a virgin’ song  which made it all that more fun as the model stopped and posed for the audience.

The colour PINK was brought out to all it’s glory; during this year’s Cyprus Fashion Days Celebration as seen in designer’s Paola Papachristoforou‘s piece with a train of loud and long pink chiffon topped of with a pink bow, the model walked down the runway in a playful and very girly attitude as she paraded on stage in a very cheeky youthful manner, lashing off the pink chiffon trail and left with a beautiful baby pink silk jumpsuit with thorough tailoring , you are most certainly left with a surprise in waiting when you know whats in store with designer Paola Papachristoforou, finally the wait was worth while we were surprised and loved every bit of it, Paola always manages to leave you with a smile on your face just like the colour pink.

The pallet of pink didn’t stop there; Atelier by Despina also presented to us a classic pink hourglass gown that neatly simplified the signature of feminine elegance which had a charm of romance embezzled in it with the oh so’ small but so delicate embellishments added to it along the side lines almost as tricklits of crystals travelling off on the model’s fragile shoulders.

Another atelier that not only had a ‘Marie Antoinette’ appeal with the amazingly curled locks of hair styled up with a feather headpiece to it; dramatic as the look may seem, it also kept the pink concept but to a more exceeding turn to the word ‘grace’,  Atelier by Pantelis chose a more subtle shade of light coral pink, the gown had the spirit of ‘haute couture’ sanctum that carried out on the model wearing it which managed to keep as regal as ever in stature at the same time.

From the French leading ladies of the past to the even further past of a ancient Greek and mythological era that held solitude to it’s comforting goddesses resembled into a figure as seen in designer’s Vera Kakoutsi’s  summer 2014 collection, the model’s hair was very precisely platted in with a string material that kept in tone to the light beige draped halterneck all-in-one backless dress with thigh high slits on either side. A true spectacle of fashion and mythology linked together in one piece.

To ‘all this shines’ Jewels by Anna Vassiliou took to stage with glossy pearl whites and gold finishes to crystal droplets on the earrings, necklace and bracelet that were as if made for the Oscars; fit for the red carpet these jewels I’m sure instantly will make you feel as elegantly glamorous. Anna Vassiliou’s jewels are always in attribute for any occasion, not only will you not help but turn yourself around to show them off but others will too; as these jewels are so delicately handcrafted Anna Vassiliou’s work pays off to the most prettiest of things that one can wear for an instant statement to their outfit in whole.

Another jewelry line presentation by NATC on an all black body suit with the shining crystals that covered the top of the cap and then following on to the bejeweled earrings of pastel tones carried through on to the necklace streaming down the models chest finishing off to a large statement jeweled capsule and gold Egyptian like cuffs that were matched with gold metal rings.

Treasury chest extreme’ continued with accessories in the MAZE collection by Lily Orthodoxia Christou, a gold metallic look for the model with big hair and a gold head piece, a scene that turned musical as the model posed with a silver saxophone prop holding it up to show us the round and plexi coloured ring  as well as the artisanal crafting of her bracelet ring, accessories that are perfect for a hot summer’s day when you just need to slip something on to make your attire more energetic and fun with out all the effort. MAZE accessorizes a unique playful style and perfect for getting ahead of the trend.

More highlights of Cyprus Fashion Days Celebration coming up soon….

SarahJane Kyprianou

Fashion Columnist

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