Cyprus Fashion Days 2 Years Celebration Fiesta Party 31.01.2014 that took place in Larnaca at the Galu Seaside Bar & Restaurant dedicated to our islands talented Fashion Designers presenting their designs. 

See our highlights and many more to come, of the biggest Fashion event held on the Island yet:

The shows started off  with an extravaganza of futuristic and extreme looks that seal the mind into a different point of view inclined with; as if we are seeing in question as a reality, a breath point of which took you into the designers individual thinking maneuver like the outstanding finish of the candlelit  headpiece by designer Chatziflorentzou Panagiotis on an all white statue real life model that ballet danced her way to center stage to face the audience all in awe, twirling with a knee-length and calf-skimming skirt that had a certain vintage feel to it.

Holding on to that all white visual quip and an unconventional tableau to display we were presented with an exaggerated hourglass figure that had a religious appeal to it with it’s strict cape shape linked together with see-through fabrics that were all proportionally subversive pieces put together of which as a result worked out as an all-in-one piece brilliantly. One more thing about this outfit was that you couldn’t help but sing to yourself Madonna’s  ‘like a virgin’ song  which made it all that more fun as the model stopped