Bolt will find you a great ride at the tap of a button


Arguing with friends about whose turn is it  to drive after a party this time? Taxi was booked a long time ago, but there is still no car waiting for you? The driver cannot find you or cannot understand where to take you? There is absolutely no time to meet relatives or you just simply don’t want to pay overpriced taxi fares to the airport? It is difficult to explain directions in a foreign language and agree on an affordable price with a stubborn taxi driver? You don’t want to waste time in traffic jams or in search of a parking spot? Isn’t it better to talk on the phone in peace and quiet or settle work or family matters? Or maybe you just don’t have the mood to drive, but you still need to go? At the same time, traveling to other countries, you are always pleasantly surprised at how quickly and easily this problem is solved abroad? Not to mention, affordable fixed prices?

Familiar situation? And most likely quite common, isn’t it? With Bolt, you will forget about this headache and enjoy your trips without stress and unnecessary expenses! No matter where you are in the city, count on Bolt for a comfortable reasonably priced ride in minutes. Bolt will find you a great ride at the tap of a button.

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