Association of Mediterranean Artists («AMA») is a non-profit organization uniting creative people from all over the world in their efforts for creation and propagation of beauty, mutual originative enrichment, strengthening of cross-ethnical ties, spreading of charitable activities.

The first exhibition, held under the auspices of the President of Cyprus, was visited by many distinguished guests, including the Mayors of Limassol and Germasogeia Municipality, Members of the Parliament, businessmen and other local and international personalities. Its proceeds found their place in the hands of Anti-Cancer Society of Cyprus.

Success of the event, simply titled Russian Business Ladies Painting, not only garnered wide recognition, but significantly exceeded the expectations of its participants and organizers, and it paved the way for future projects.

With exhibitions held for several times a year, AMA quickly became one of the best-known artistic unions of Cyprus and a permanent guest of regular traditional gatherings, including, but not limited to, annual Flower Festival, Victory Day and Christmas celebrations, Cyprus-Russian Festival etc.

Following the variety of nations of the union’s members, embracing Cyprus, Russia, Greece, Georgia, Italy, France the Association has already participated in events taking place in different countries of the world intending to widen its presence.

Throughout Cyprus the Association, however, does not limit its activities merely to holding exhibitions and philanthropic events, but also, in close cooperation with multiple artists and art galleries, regularly convenes and participates in the outdoor artistic gatherings, plein air studies and workshops.

Among most notable collaborations is the long-standing continuing series of workshops for young talents on the basis of «MihoArt Studio and Gallery» led by Miho Ebanoidze. Our youngest pupils and associates are deeply immersed in discovering the secrets of art to considerable success and mutual admiration.

Only for the last year AMA organized more than 20 exhibitions, seminars and charity events.

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