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If your workouts in the gym turned into a routine and in this hot weather you desire for coolness and for more time to spend on the beach or afloat, then you have a great opportunity to try the workouts afloat and get closer to the nature and space.

The sound of water turns out to be the best remedy to relieve stress, to discard all the unnecessary thoughts out of your head and simply to relax. You will be able to feel the harmony with the nature and feel the universe.

No matter how good the gym is it can not be compared to the nature, air, and water. In addition, all things new are naturally very interesting and exciting.

Recently I have discovered new sports for myself, such as Stand Up Puddle, SUP Surfing, Windsurfing, SUP Yoga and SUP Pilates, and I’m eager to share my experience and excitement.

Stand up paddle – SUP (surfing with paddle)

It is a relatively new sport that has recently gained immense popularity all around the world. This sport firstly appeared at the Hawaiian islands. Aborigines used wooden planks in order  to move from one beach to another with the help of the paddle.

Stand up paddle surfing is a very easy sport and at the same time suitable for teaching classical surfing to the beginners, kids and to non-risk takers who want to take a ride on the water. The only things you need to do the first time you stand up on the board, are: find the balance and row in the correct direction! Believe me, all of the muscles start to work immediately ! Abdominals, legs, arms! For me it was very unexpected and interesting. It was an immense pleasure to slit the water with the help of the paddle and enjoy the endless sea horizon! The further from the coast, the more relaxing and beautiful it is. You can think about all kinds of things, look at the coast from afar and enjoy the magnificent view. Here they are… harmony and happiness!

Before I got up on the board, I was well instructed. For me, a lot depends on the coach. I can easily say that Costas Symeonides is the best coach for me. He also taught me windsurfing.

Costas from Cyprus is a windsurfing and SUP instructor / athlete. During his career as a trainer he has trained Olympic athletes. Every year he organizes sports charity events with the support of the Ministry of Education and of course sponsors. Last year he and his team organized a charity event “Paddling for Life, Paddling for Children” that drew the attention of local media, sponsors and volunteers. In particular, August 25th to August 30th he has crossed a distance of 400 km from Kastelorizo, Greece to Limassol, Cyprus by sea on his SUP board in 5 days. On the sea he had a support support of a 47 feet sailing yacht a total team of 13 persons. The event was organized by a team of 30 people and volunteers. The charity event was completed successfully and raised 35.000 euros that were donated to the Center for Preventive Pediatrics.

Currently Costas trains daily for around 7 hours (sup surfing, sup, windsurfing, gym and bicycle). This way he prepares himself for a new charity event. On the 16th of August Costas Symeonides will attempt a 700 km passage from Crete, Greece to Limassol, Cyprus. On the sea he will have a sea support of a 47 feet sailing yacht, a power boat and a 10 person team. The event is organized by a total core team of 30 persons and volunteers. All the proceeds will be donated to the Center for Preventive Pediatrics for kids.

Just imagine what a character and willpower one must possess to paddle on a board for such distances. “Adrenaline, a feeling of complete freedom and happiness!” Those are the feelings that Costas experiences when he passes such distances on his SUP.


Windsurfing is a water sport that combines elements of surfing, sailing and entertainment at the same time. Recently it became very popular in all age groups. The basis of the windsurfing involves the skill of controlling the board with the sail, on the water surface.

When I saw professional windsurfers afloat for the first time it was windy and stormy. It was unbelievably beautiful and I fell in love with this sport. However, it turned out to be not as easy as it seemed. I will be honest with you, mastering of windsurfing was much more complicated than learning SUP. The first time I stood on the windsurfing board, I looked very funny and clumsy. I was falling into the water and sometimes even the sail covered me. If you fall into the water the only thing you have to do is to stand up and try again. This training teaches you to be patient. I was not giving up, I trying over and over again: standing up on the board, pulling weighty sail and trying to find balance. With the time and of course hours of practice everything became more interesting and easier! I suppose that windsurfing is one of the most beautiful extreme sports and an interesting hobby for those who enjoy sailing in the boundless seas and enjoy freedom while being faraway from everyone.

SUP Yoga

Since the SUP board is on the water, you need to be able to keep balance while doing static yoga exercises. This way you will exercise and strain your body much more, comparing to the yoga in the gym. To do a balance Asana on the board is the tough job. No one with the restless mind will ever be able to perform it. While controlling the body and breathing we soothe our mind. Breathing deep, balancing on a board, surrounded by water and the calming sound of the sea you will feel a real harmony.  Danielle Bailey is registered and certified by the Yoga Alliance and British School of Yoga and has been teaching all levels of yoga for over eight years. Danielle’s training began in London in 2002 where she trained intensely with her teacher/yoga master who taught her own unique style of yoga. She then ventured to India and furthered her studies and knowledge of this beautiful science called yoga.

SUP Pilates

Perhaps, one of the most popular fitness styles for women is Pilates. Pilates strengthens abdominals, back muscles, improves posture, coordination, flexibility and joint mobility. I have been teaching Pilates in my studio and I can easily say that Pilates as well as yoga on the SUP is way harder than in the studio, however it is way more interesting and pleasant! I believe that it is a fun way to strengthen your muscles and a great exercise for balance. Even the slightest shift of the body weight causes the change of the board position. There is a great chance that you will fall into the water and that is the exciting part. Honestly, the most fun part of the lesson is to fall into the water and stand up on the board over and over again. With the help of the SUP Pilates you will be able to understand your body like you never did before. In addition it is a great opportunity to get rid of extra kilos. Results can be noticed in the short period of time! Try and you will not regret! I will be happy to see you at my SUP Pilates training.

And if you are curious to try Stand Up Paddle, SUP Surfing, SUP Yoga or SUP Pilates, you are welcome to the Windsurfing and SUP school. All you need is just to start! In order to motivate yourself even more and to have more fun then you are advised to take your best friend or your soulmate. Photoshoots on the SUP turn out to be incredible! Do not be afraid to make changes and change yourself in a good way. I would like to express my gratitude to the Windsurfing and SUP school and of course to Costas Symeonides for support in writing this article.

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