Your recent exhibition had a strong feminine presence in different forms and variations. What is it about woman nature that enchants you so much?

With my paintings I am expressing my inner world and feelings during the very moment of painting. Women around me have a big impact on my emotions and every woman in my paintings is the result of what I feel inside as a female artist.

How would you describe your creative process?

For me, painting is a way of physically expressing myself during the specific phase of my life I am in.  Most of my paintings don’t need a long time of mental preparation, I work a lot with the momentum. Sometimes I start on a painting and I get additional inspirations while I m painting, I sometimes I surprise myself with the final outcome of my work.

Who is your own inspiration when it comes to classical artists?

I very much admire Dali but my “first loves” and roles models are Da Vinci, Carvaggio, Raffael. Their  impact on the world of art is simply divine and incomparable and they always challenge me to improve my skills as an artists, even though they are unattainable.

What mood is better for creating?

Someone once said that the only good thing about melancholy is that it is provoking great art. Happy people are too busy being happy.

If you had to choose 3 iconic paintings in history, which ones would you select?

There are many but please allow me to point out one in particular. The painting by Caravaggio: Judith beheading Holofernes. When I was standing in front of this painting in a private exhibition I immediately felt being part of this scene and I could even smell the blood of Holofernes.

What else fascinates you besides painting?

Again, my fascinations are born mainly out of the momentum, when something minor is becoming something special unexpectedly. It could happen while taking a walk by the sea, playing with my dog, having a conversation over a glass of wine with my friends.

What started your passion for art?

There was no specific starting point as I’ve always felt the urge to paint from a very young age. It was something I was carrying in my DNA.

Continue the phrase “I would never paint…”

Evil. The reason is that I m always living what I m painting and I do not want to put darkness and negativity in my soul.

What is it that you do right after you finish a piece?

I always start and finish my work by expressing my gratitude through crossing myself.

Is it important for you what others think and say about your work?

You certainly cannot please everyone and I never saw a reason to chase the benevolence of people. They either like my work or they don’t. But there are people in my life whose opinion I value very much and I sometimes ask for their advice and guidance.

What is your advice for aspiring artists?

Never stop learning and studying and work hard. Talent alone is not enough.

Would you rather say that your paintings are a mirror of your soul or just a beautiful perspective of the world at that moment?

It’s a bit of both!

Which famous artist, dead or alive, you would love to have a tea with?

Salvador Dali, as he is the most intriguing. But I wouldn’t decline an invitation by the ingenious Da Vinci either.

Name 5 pieces that are an absolute must-see for everyone.

I would like to name 2 as they had the deepest impact on me when I first saw them. Michelangelo’s David because you get the feeling how tiny your own self is compared to art. The Parthenon Temple as being one of the places of origin of art

Do you prefer drawing with company or all alone? Day or night?

When I work I often enjoy the company of my little dog Victor. Even though I feel more refreshed and energetic during morning hours, I love to work at night as I feel more passion. That’s why I start many paintings in the morning and continue them at night.

Do you ever get a feeling that something else is directing your brush, your hand?

Many times I feel guided by a special force I call tunneling.

What would you say to those exploring your art to understand your paintings better?

Beside the vision of my painting I try to create a positive energy flow which is instantly transmitted to the spectator.

What is the piece that took you the longest time to finish?

It is the painting “Freedom”, a scene featuring 3 horses. This work belongs to a private collector. It took the longest time to finish not only because it s a large painting but also because I wanted to transfer my own feelings of freedom into this work.

What would you recommend to those who are planning to buy a work of art?

Choose the piece of art that’s talking to your soul and not the one matching the interior of the room.

Your friends say that you are…

For this, you need to ask my friends 😊 I can only say that generally I feel overwhelmed and humbled by the love they give me as a person and the admiration they have for my work. That s what I cherish the most about my friends and collectors. And I m looking forward to present to them an exciting new project in 2018 which is still a secret……