Interview with Makeup artist – Chloe Votsi

Tell our readers a little bit about yourself, Chloe. 

I am currently studying for a 4 year BSc degree in Beauty Therapy, and Cosmetology at The Limassol College here in Cyprus taking courses also in makeup. However, I started exploring and playing around with makeup from a very young age. For me what I love about what I do is not only having the power to help a woman change her canvas and feel more confident just for an occasion, but also for me what’s important is to help women use makeup to explore their individuality and originality by also feeling beautiful inside and out! I believe in Babor Age I-D has helped me demonstrate my strong beliefs about makeup as this new line is easy to use, has flexible textures and contains a fourfold anti-aging complex. It is not only a make-up line, it is almost skincare. Long-lasting, anti-aging results, an instant lifting effect, a youthful glow and protection against free radicals- all thanks to the sophisticated blend of active ingredients.

What make up trends you are a fan of?

Currently one of my favorite trends is highlighted and defined glowy skin because it looks natural and completely effortless when you use the right tools and can be done only in 5 minutes.

What’s the worst make up trend of all times?

I think for me what I hate the most is heavy contouring which results to the skin looking thick and cakey instead of enhancing our natural skin tones.

Red lips or winged eyeliner?

Why not both? But for sure I’m a red lips all the way kind of girl. I don’t know but for me red lipstick is like a superpower, I mean just by wearing that and nothing else in particular you feel transformed and more confident. I also believe that anyone can pull it off; it is a matter of finding the right red shade that matches your skin tone.

Whose work as a Makeup Artist (visagist) do you admire the most?

Peter Schmidinger and Charlotte Tilbury are two of my favorites, I admire them both so much because they are not only amazing at what they do, they both believe in using makeup lines that contain ingredients healthy for the skin. Products that enhance the skin and let it breathe, instead of using makeup lines which can often create serious   problems to the skin.

What’s the latest news in beauty industry? What should our readers be on the lookout for? 

What I’m really obsessed about in the past year is this new type of foundation called the Serum Foundation by Babor Age I-D. It is the lightest foundation you can find on the market, and it can be layered to obtain coverage where needed and still look completely natural. It combines anti-aging and detoxing

They should be on the lookout for glow rocks; they are baked powder rocks made from fine glow powder, this must have product for the summer can be used to create beautiful highlights or a delicate all-over shimmer to the skin and can even be used as eye shadow.

What product you’ve recently discovered for yourself and would gladly recommend to other ladies?

The eye-brow filler fibers are a wonderful, easy to use product that gives your brows the attention they need. Very fine fibers fill your brows. It is long lasting, and definitely an alternative to powders that you need to check every few hours.

What 5 items you always have in your makeup purse?

Eye Brow Filler Fibers

Lip Balm

Cushion Blush



Why did you choose beauty industry for your career path?

You can say I was virtually born in the beauty world as both my parents are in the beauty industry my father is a cosmetic scientist and my mother is a beauty therapist, make up artist, so from a very young age I grew up in the family business and have been fortunate to have met many influential people in the industry. During my high school years one of the subjects I was very passionate about was art, I prepared to enter art school and study product design, but beauty was always in my mind, it was a hard decision to make between the two, but beauty and especially make up won, as it combines beauty with my artistic nature.

What’s your favorite part of working process?

My favorite part of making someone’s make up is showing them the change in the mirror; how their features are being enhanced and watching their confidence grow.

Special occasion makeup/photo shoot makeup/every day visage – what do you enjoy creating the most?

I love creating all kinds of makeup but I definitely love photo shoots because you are working with a team, to create a complete look, hair, makeup, clothes  and model come together to help the photographer take that perfect photo shot!

What are some beauty rules all ladies should know?

Always cleanse and moisturize your skin before applying make-up.

When buying a foundation check the colour on your jawline, never check on your hand as the colour should match the colour of the skin nearest to the neck.

After applying lipstick do not press your lips together because you apply saliva on them and the lipstick will not last. Apply lipstick then blot with a tissue and then reapply lipstick for longer lasting effect.

The most important rule is that when wearing a smoky eye is that if you go dark, keep the rest of your face soft

What useful beauty tips you’d like to share with our readers?

  1. Always apply a primer as a base before your eye shadow to give it lasting power and to intensify the color.
  2. To correct eye makeup mistakes or sharpen a cat eye, dip a Q-tip in foundation or illuminator and erase the offending makeup
  3. To make your eyes stand out if you have:

Brown eyes- use green eye shadows

Blue eyes – apply a peach colour all over your eyelids and under your eyebrows

Green eyes – try out purple shades as lavender, violet or amethyst.

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