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A Delightful Trip to Mediterranean flavors at Hobo Mediterraneo!

Signature dishes by the distinguished chef Demetris Skarmoutsos

At a press conference held, right next to the sea, the media representatives had the opportunity to enjoy a unique trip to Mediterranean flavours and aromas, at the atmospheric all day cafe-restaurant Mediterraneo,at Limassol Marina. This delightful lunch break was honoured by the presence of the famous chef Demetris Skarmoutsos, who signs off the unique Mediterranean menu.

The well-known chef explained the philosophy behind the recipes he has created exclusively for Mediterraneo, and revealed some of the highlights and secrets present in every dish. Demetris Skarmoutsos explained that with inspiration from the Mediterranean gastronomic culture and in the light of the pure ingredients, he redefines traditional recipes and transforms them into creative dishes highlighting the quality, taste, and aesthetics. Lastly, the notable chef concluded with the basic principles of cooking, being love, creativity, and improvisation.

Following the press conference, the guests had the opportunity to enjoy the irresistible dishes prepared by Demetris Skarmoutsos and his team. The meals began with unique appetizers: grilled squid, octopus carpaccio and zucchini fritters with Halloumi cheese. Uniquely attractive touches to the menu were the refreshing chevre and quinoa salads as well as the tempting pasta creations: the fiery asparagus and chicken pasta as well as the seafood paella.

The culinary experience was completed with imaginative dishes consisting of the most authentic refined flavors: Salmon with mussels and aromatic risotto, grilled sea bass with Mediterranean sauce, avocado and sun dried tomatoes, chicken Souvlaki marinated in yoghurt with lemon pilaf and pork tenderloin with herbs, grilled vegetables and mashed potato.

The unforgettable and tasty meal at Mediterraneo, the brand new all-day café and restaurant at Limassol Marina, was accompanied of course with a collection of sweet delights and a relaxing aromatic coffee.

The perfect aesthetics of Mediterraneo, which oscillate between minimal and modern, with elements inspired by the Mediterranean architecture and the sea, created a fascinating experience to all guests did not pass unnoticed by the attendees. The guests were impressed by the unique setting of the restaurant, and through the eyes of the creative architect Minas Kosmides, they penetrated even more in the great diversity of the Mediterraneo concept, its philosophical approach, and architecture.

This exciting and culinary trip of unique flavours and aromas that the journalists had the opportunity to experience came to an end, with a tour in the other restaurants and cafes that PHC Franchised Restaurants Public Ltd runs, which operate in the premises of the Limassol Marina. In particular, they visited the elegant Wagamama restaurant, considered as the top pan-Asian cuisine worldwide, the award-winning Caffè Nero, known for the quality of its coffee based on a unique Espresso blend, Derlicious which is prominent for its juicy kebabs and mainly the authentic Greek Souvlaki & Gyros, the new Marina Cool Bar with Yogen Fruz refreshing delights, freshly fruit juices and smoothies, as well as the old time classic restaurants of Pizza Hut and KFC.

Demetris Skarmoutsos – A Brief History of the chef  

Demetris Skarmoutsos was born in Athens and belongs to the elite chef league. At the age of 18, he moved to the U.S., where he studied Economics at UCLA and then studied at the Culinary Institute of America. In 1993, he launched his first professional steps and since 1996, he began working in large hotels and restaurants in the U.S., such as the French Laundry, the Sheraton and the Westin and W Hotels. In 2001, he returns to Greece and works in Crete, at restaurants specializing in the Cretan cuisine. In 2005, he becomes the chef at the Cretan restaurant “Αλάτσι” in Athens, which was granted the Golden toque award and Gourmet prizes. Since 2010, Demetris has been engaged with ERGON (ΕΡΓΟΝ), a company that owns 8 restaurants and food market (grocery) stores in Greece and London. He has been a judge ontheGreekcompetitivecooking television show Master Chef, and has presented his own cooking show “Without Prescription”. He is a columnist for Proto Thema newspaper and Olive magazine and has published three cookbooks.

Mediterraneo – Design Concept

Mediterranean Sea: The ancient Romans called it “Mare Nostrum”.  A sea, surrounded by cultures with contrasting, dividing, or uniting the East and the West. By all this history and definitions the Mediterraneo restaurant located in Limassol Marina was created. The white of the Aegean Sea, the bright color of Venice, the arabesque of Islamic countries, the blue sea, are some of the factors that inspired the design team. The figures that have great importance are the natural wealth, the water, and the process of fishing. The patterns used, sometimes resemble nets and sometimes fish scales. The metal construction inside the   Mediterraneoportrays the bottom of the sea with its components in a subtractive and figurative way. The panelled wall with the windows, gives the impression of a ship that has wrecked, gradually becoming something new, in a sunken state. The “suspended” wooden fish on the roof ceiling, appearing to have escaped from the sprawling metal net and move around the wreck looking for food or the new house. The low angle view gives the impression that the viewer watches the scene from the bottom of the sea, participating in the quest.

Information for Limassol Marina

A milestone project in Cyprus, Limassol Marina has changed the face of the city and has already established itself as one of the most attractive and special projects in Europe. With 650 berths, luxurious recreational craft with a length from 8 to 115 meters combines the first Superyacht Marina in Cyprus, with luxury apartments and privileged mansions with private berths or direct access to the sea. The Limassol Marina offers locals and tourists a taste of living on the sea in a commercial development, which consists of 40 shops, 12 restaurants, cafes and bars, a cultural center, spa, fitness center and on-site parking for 750 cars.


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