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Essence kitchen faucet from GROHE

Redesigned aesthetics: Essence kitchen faucet from GROHE Innovative functions and delicate looks for the modern kitchen Real beauty is everlasting, but even the best design must keep up with the [...]

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GROHE Sensia

Purest wellbeing by using the power of water for superior comfort and cleanliness GROHE Sensia® – the latest generation of shower toilets from GROHE GROHE now offers a unique range [...]

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Xmas decor – Get inspired

Holiday season is upon us.  Christmas and New Year spirit is in the air! Everything is jolly and cozy. We've collected some charming Holiday decor ideas to inspire your creativity for [...]

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GROHE Aquazones

Five zones devoted to pure well-being GROHE Aquazones concept sets new standards for private spas Finding peace and quiet in an intimate setting. Getting ready for the day or winding [...]

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This dainty dish is waiting for you at    Portions: 4 Ingredients: 4kg Pork Cotsi 650gm Carrots 650gm Celery 650gm Shallots 225ml Commandaria wine 160ml red wine 4 pieces Star [...]

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Karatello Salad

This exquisite salad is served at   Ingredients: ½ lettuce ½ lollo rosso lettuce ½ rocket 50gr cherry tomatoes 50gr sundried tomatoes 50gr pomegranate 120gr halloumi cheese Carob syrup vinaigrette [...]

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