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Alexander Papacosta is the CEO and Co-Founder of Moi Ostrov Ltd which manages Moi Ostrov Magazine and Moi Ostrov Studio. Alexander oversees all production from fashion editorials, advertising bookings and design to printing and circulation. Alexander balances his non business hours between reading and developing his knowledge of advertising, photography, video and web production and spending time with his wife and daughter or engaging in outdoor activities such as running, kite surfing, diving or boating.

10th Cyprus Russian Gala – Teaser Video

Watch the teaser of the 10th Cyprus-Russia Gala at the Presidential Palace which tool place on the 10th September 2016 Production: Alive film productions   https://web.facebook.com/olga.balakleets/videos/1142788962455909/  

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Bagatt Platform Sandals

The platform sandal returns as a key item this Spring Summer, channeling a stylized 1970’s look, in a variety of silhouettes and wrapped with classic buckle sandal designs. Soles range [...]

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This  famous Italian delicious desert is proudly served at              Ingredients 10 egg yolks 500gr mascarpone 800ml fresh cream 1290gr sugar 1-2 soup spoons amaretto liqueur 1 fresh [...]

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Home & Deco

Home & Deco - Modern Classic For Life Home & Deco is not a typical furniture retail shop. What we try to accomplish in our shops is to inspire you and [...]

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